From pharmaceuticals to nutraceuticals, the delivery format of health benefits varies significantly. From pan coated tablets to gummies, each application comes with its own set of challenges. This is where Sensient comes in. Our team of application scientists and innovators work diligently to solve many of the industry’s common hurdles.

Common challenges for which we have solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Synthetic to natural color conversions
  • TiO2 alternatives for tablets, gummies, softgels and hard caps
  • Heat stable natural colors for softgels, gummies and lozenges with in-process stability data
  • Natural colors with plating characteristics
  • Natural masking technology to reduce the undesirable notes commonly associated with vitamins and minerals, caffeine and protein
  • Boosting technology to effectively reduce added sugar while enhancing the sweetness profile
  • Functional extracts with quality assurance

Bring us your challenges. We’re here to innovate and solve.

OTC Pharmaceuticals

From regulatory compliance and global reach to transitioning from synthetic to natural colors, we go above-and-beyond in over-the-counter.

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We make good-for-you look, feel and taste great.

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