In Flavors Role in Pharma & Nutra Products, it was highlighted that flavoring is not just about making the product taste better; it is a strategic element that can significantly impact consumer acceptance, adherence and ultimately the success of the pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product.

At Sensient, we offer unparalleled flavor capabilities that cater to the diverse needs of these industries.

Flavor Labeling Explained: What is the difference?

New regulations issued by the European Commission are changing the way flavorings can be used in organic food, beverage and nutraceutical products. Other markets, such as the United States, have specific regulations that apply to the flavor labeling process.


The Advantages of Natural X Flavoring for Organic Products

  • Enhances consistency and transparency in labeling
  • Provides consumers with increased confidence in the authenticity of their purchases
  • Imparts an authentic and natural flavor to products
  • Meets the rising consumer preference for natural and organic products

How can Sensient Flavors Help with your Application?

Whether you are working on a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical application, Sensient offers a variety of flavorings that have been tested in various applications to guarantee product performance, suitability to the application, and dosage ranges.

Sensient’s flavor library covers a wide range of liquid flavors (water and oil soluble), liquid flavor extracts and flavors in powder form.

  • Ethanol-free liquid range suitable for gummy and lozenge applications
  • Selection of natural products as well as non- natural options
  • Spray dried and plated powder flavors
  • Products suitable for various dietary/ regulatory requirements such as halal, kosher, and vegan

Sensient Pharmaceutical’s flavor experts have knowledge and expertise in API/ flavor interactions and can support in selecting the most suitable flavor for your application. Through our flavors and taste modulation tools, we focus on overall taste quality, roundness and flavor release rather than “just flavoring your product.”

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