Humans are a highly complex species—the advanced ability to convey information and express ourselves through complex language systems largely differentiates us from other animals.  

Our expression of language continues to evolve. Today’s consumers express themselves across mixed realities: physical reality and virtual reality. They are multi-dimensional shoppers. They want personalized products, experiences, and colors that are as multifaceted as they are. 


The two hues of Phygital™ are unexpectedly energizing, rousing consumers’ confidence to thrive in both their realities.  

GoldenTERRA™ is a comforting and relaxing, rich shade reflective of golden rays warming the brown Earthy soil. 

Opposite of GoldenTERRA™ on the color wheel is the complementary shade of CyberGEM™, a fantasy fuchsia with a daring illusion.  

The complimentary colors of Phygital™ unlock bright opportunities for immersive mixed reality experiences. 

As the digital world grows, consumers have increasingly looked to the divide between the virtual and the physical. Some with concern, but most with interest and enthusiasm. Consumer craving for experiences now bridges both worlds.

The blending of the virtual and physical worlds offers an opportunity to customize products to individual lifestyles or demands. From “see it in your space” virtual reality tools that assist with online shopping to viral products that are just as exciting to share online as they are to consume, this blend offers consumers the chance to have the best of both worlds.

Similarly, the combination of GoldenTerra™ and CyberGem™ to create Phygital™ can offer nutraceutical products unique visuals.

With this standout color duo for 2024, Sensient Flavors has identified a similarly novel flavor profile to accompany Phygital™: Mystic Blossom.

Mystic Blossom ignites two complex flavor profiles together for a multi-dimensional and compelling taste experience. Bright tropical melon notes meet honeyed, metallic green notes with dashes of spice, the Mystic Blossom flavor speaks differently to nearly every palate encountered. Bitter for some, sweet for others, Mystic Blossom is multi-faceted like consumers’ individualized realities—celebrating our desire to see the world through a kaleidoscopic lens.

Product developers can be inspired by the duality of the Color of the Year and its representation of the meeting of virtual and physical. We look forward to seeing unusual flavor pairings, new formats for well-known flavor profiles, and new themes, flavors, and colors that represent the excitement of the future and the multidimensional nature of humanity in 2024.

How will you be inspired this year?

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