2021 Brings a New Dawn

It is nearly impossible to construct any 2021 trend, including color trends, without looking through the prism of 2020. In the past year, the COVID-19 global pandemic disrupted life as we knew it. As the number of COVID-19 cases increased daily across the globe, so did consumers’ levels of stress and feelings of social isolation. Chaos erupted across businesses, medical institutions and government affairs—not one region went untouched! From cheering on our everyday heroes to mourning lost loved ones and friends, the ups and downs of 2020 had consumers anxiously awaiting a new dawn.
As the rising orange sun warms the globe on the new year, consumer outlook progresses to a sense of renewal and optimism, as they seek out packaged goods to help naturally recharge their mind, body and soul from the prior year. Sensient Colors 2021 Color of the Year, “Rising Orange”, takes refuge in nature and symbolizes the shade of a new day, weathered by the past, but optimistically rising bright for restoration.

“Evocative of the colors of a new dawn, “Rising Orange” is a hue, weathered by the unprecedented times of the pandemic, but optimistically bright for restoration in the New Year. It’s a joyful, enthusiastic orange full of hope, to awaken consumers’ energy for renewal,” explained Mike Geraghty, President of Sensient Colors LLC.

There is a collective desire from consumers and brands alike to progress forward, unified. While consumers seek comfort, they are also in pursuit of renewal and newness, which are the components of the “Rising Orange” taste profile created by Sensient Flavors & Extracts, a combination of bright citrus and refreshing orange blossoms with a comforting fruity profile delivering a reminiscent burst of a childhood-favorite taste.

Our ability to manage our wellbeing is being challenged more than ever in 2020. “Sensient’s 2021 Color of the Year, “Rising Orange” symbolizes consumer desire to move forward” added Paul Manning, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sensient Technologies. “I am extremely proud of the international collaboration among the Sensient Technologies global marketing teams. The ability to harness and synthesize collective insights to bring forth a powerful trend on a topic that we are so passionate about—color,” noted Manning.

“Rising Orange” in Nutraceutical and OTC Pharmaceutical Applications

Recharge consumers with the optimistic shade of “Rising Orange” through naturally bright coloring foods and vibrant natural colors from sources like paprika, beta carotene, orange carrot and annatto.

Flavors with perceived immunity benefits and functional extracts are complementary options for “Rising Orange” products.

Our line of colors, including “Rising Orange”, flavors and extracts are available across a range of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, including vitamins and gummies.

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Sensient’s 2021 Color of the Year is in good company. Shutterstock and Pantone have both announced their Color of the Year.

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