Sensient has been following the global conversation surrounding titanium dioxide. The official enactment of France’s ban on TiO2 beginning January 1, 2020, heightened awareness in the pharmaceutical industry and spurred manufacturers worldwide to seek out TiO2-free alternatives. While French dietary supplement producers have already banned titanium dioxide from their ingredient list, all remaining European member states were waiting for guidance on product safety from EFSA and the European Commission.

EFSA has updated its safety assessment and announced titanium dioxide is no longer considered safe when used as a food additive.

The updated evaluation revises the outcome of EFSA’s previous assessment published in 2016, which highlighted the need for more research to fill data gaps.* EFSA’s scientific advice will be used by risk managers (the European Commission, Member States) to inform any decisions they take on possible regulatory actions. Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, announced via Twitter that the European Commission will propose to ban its use in the EU. The Commission is not seeking an immediate ban at this stage and will grant a reasonable transitional period to the industry. Further discussions with all Member States will start in May 2021.

Sensient has been following this global shift away from titanium dioxide very closely over the years and innovating solutions for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers interested in cleaner ingredient alternatives.


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