It is safe to say COVID impacted, and continues to affect, daily life. This past year has been one of uncertainty and anxiety, forcing us all to alter our lifestyles, whether good or bad. The stress experienced by many led to changes in sleep and increased food and alcohol consumption. That, coupled with gym closures and less physical activity, led to weight gain. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) of more than 3,000 people, 42% experienced undesired weight gain, with an average gain of 29 pounds.

Gen Z adults (46%) were also the most likely generation to say that their mental health has worsened compared with before the pandemic.

Extra weight that people have gained as a result of the pandemic can actually make them more susceptible to COVID-19. According to the CDC, people who are overweight may be at increased risk. And as one’s body-mass index (BMI) increases, their risk of death from COVID-19 also increases.

Consumers are looking to take control of their health – boost immunity, fight mental fatigue and stress and lose weight. They are turning to natural products that offer a holistic approach to wellness and combined solutions.

Sensient Pharmaceutical has the excipients consumers are looking for. Whether it be natural colors and flavors, extracts and adaptogens or a combination, we have the products you need to formulate with the clean-label appeal consumers demand.

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