Herbs and botanicals have seen steady growth for over a decade. This growth was amplified during 2020, as the pandemic led consumers to seek ways to keep themselves and their families healthy. Combination of herbs and botanicals did particularly well, likely thanks to the growing array of formulas available for immune support, stress/anxiety relief and better sleep. According to GlobalData’s 2021 Global Consumer Survey, the following data represents Botanicals & Plants Extracts perceived positive impact on health:

While herbs and botanicals present many health benefits, supplies are subject to Mother Nature. Weather, growing conditions and demand all impact the availability. This inequity in supply and demand leads to botanical adulteration. Botanical adulteration can take many forms including substitution of a labeled ingredient with lower-cost extracts of similar chemical makeup. It can also be the presence of pesticides, metals or toxins.

Sensient conducted a test of 14 herb and botanical products and the results showed varying degrees of adulteration. Only 36% of them passed the test, 21% contained pesticides, 21% unauthorized solvents, 14% toxins and 29% lower than reported bioactive levels.

To fight fraud, various organizations have launched different initiatives. In the US, The American Botanical Council have an industry-funded initiative to curb adulteration. The European Spice Association published the Adulteration Awareness document. The Spice and Seasoning Association in the United Kingdom published a guidance on the authenticity of herbs and spices.

Sensient combines stringent quality testing and comprehensive vendor certification to ensure extracts from natural sources meet all required quality, safety and authenticity requirements. We pride ourselves on working to exceed industry standards for product quality, safety, and security. We maintain Good Manufacturing Practices and food safety standards to help ensure that our production processes are safe, from the arrival of raw materials to the shipment of our finished products.

We believe in helping you protect your brand. Sensient offers a full portfolio of extracts and other performance and sensory ingredients that are held to the highest quality standards.

If you have any questions about our safety measures, please request a consultation with our team.


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