What We Do

Sensient Pharmaceutical is your source for colors, flavors, extracts and coatings – excipient solutions that define and protect some of the world’s most-beloved and best-known brands.

As a world-wide leader in developing excipient solutions from R&D through manufacturing, we create and refine the innovative visual and functional attributes that define and differentiate brands. We are continually developing industry-leading processes and solutions that are efficient, minimize risk and enhance shelf life. The sensory impressions we help create are vital; often they’re the difference between brand in mind, and brand in hand.

Who We Are

We’re a vast yet tight-knit network of gifted chemists, excipient experts and pharmaceutical industry sales specialists who believe there’s a better way to serve our partners, and work every day to prove it. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies are driven to exceed consumer expectations and delight their customers; we bring that same drive to our entire process. From our very first conversation, we look to exceed the expectations of our partners, help them accomplish their business objectives, remain differentiated and consistent and ultimately, serve their customers successfully.

Why It Works

Our state-of-the-art technologies and facilities around the world continually deliver innovative products and streamlined product-development solutions for many of the world’s best-known consumer and industrial brands. We never stop, and our quality never suffers. You don’t get to be where we are by doing things “good enough.” Sensient’s ability to consistently create scalable, flexible solutions that work is what elevates the products we help create, and elevates us above the competition.

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Sensient achieves the highest marks from third-party regulatory agencies and certification programs for risk management, manufacturing and distribution. We are committed to the highest standards and strictest regulations in our manufacturing processes.

Our functional excipients, food extracts and nutraceuticals are:

● DIN ISO 9001 certified
● Products are subjected to rigorous quality control testing
● An IPEC–compliant member (International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council)
● Record of excellence for conformance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

We hold ourselves responsible, also, to the environment. All of our products and solutions are developed with the goal of reducing production and application waste. To view our latest sustainability report, please click here.

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