FDA Issues Warning About Certain Supplements Substituted with Toxic Yellow Oleander

Food safety is a priority topic for consumers, government bodies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and manufacturers globally. While botanically sourced ingredients add an inherent level of complexity to food safety controls, they enable manufacturers to respond to consumer desire for clean and simple ingredients. Today’s consumers rely on manufacturers to provide high-quality and safe products, and seek even greater transparency from companies.

In September 2023, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report of several tejocote root products found to be substituted with toxic yellow oleander. Based on this report, the FDA initiated an investigation to sample and test additional tejocote root products. As of 1/26/2024, the FDA tested as many as 18 samples and found them to contain yellow oleander.

You can find and read the full article here.

At Sensient, we pride ourselves on working to exceed industry standards for product quality, safety, and security. We utilize state-of-the-art quality control testing and our facilities hold certifications of compliance with various third-party standards, such as those from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and certifications issued under the umbrella of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), including Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000, and Safe Quality Food (SQF).

The expertise and depth of our quality assurance departments are a huge asset in our business. It has been a focus area for Sensient from our beginning and has been building ever since. Food safety is a passionate topic for us and we welcome any conversation.

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