Speed to Market: a Growing Focus in the Industry

Consumers have increasingly become more health-conscious and are constantly looking for curative and preventative healthcare products. According to Mintel, 44% of adults in the US agree they are always looking for ways to improve their health.

For manufacturers, this implies the need to quickly bring to the market solutions that meet these growing consumer needs. In the nutraceutical segment, the increase in product offerings and players in the marketplace raises the importance of speed to market. In the case of pharmaceuticals, since product development is more complex, constant expert support is highly required.

Global vitamin and dietary supplements product launches increased by 26.3% in 2020 compared with 2019.

Source: Mintel GNPD

Technological Innovation has Changed the Way of Working

As technology developed, the use of digital tools and platforms in the workplace became increasingly common. The Covid-19 outbreak further drove the need to collaborate virtually and demonstrated that technology was capable of making communication more seamless than ever before.

But how do you accelerate product innovation in an increasingly virtually connected world?


Introducing VIVID: Sensient’s Virtual, Real-Time Product Development Platform

In order to support our customers in meeting the needs of fast timelines and short development cycles, we have created VIVID, a Virtual Interactive Visualization and Ingredient Development platform.

VIVID platform is designed to supplement the formulation process and create an immediate and visual line of communication directly between our technical experts and our customers’ R&D teams. Developers are able to provide immediate feedback to high-quality visuals and collaborate in real-time with experts. This enables our customers to increase their speed to market for new and reformulated products and accelerate product development timelines.

VIVID not only protects the power of collaborative development between manufacturers and suppliers, but also empowers the productivity of virtual connection.

VIVID in Action

Watch this video to discover how it works:

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