As trends evolve and consumer interests shift, brands can stay ahead of the curve by formulating around macro drivers and their current market manifestations. Sensient’s annual consumer insights represent the latest analysis of consumer demands and market drivers. Developers, marketing teams and brand leaders can differentiate new launches with innovative concepts and brilliant color inspiration from these trends.

Enjoyment Everywhere

Consumers are eager to break out of their restrictions and are in search of joyful products that allow them to explore, indulge and live in the moment. Supplement users are seeking a heightened sensory experience resulting in innovation around elevating the consumer experiences and chew formats..

Why? The world is changing and where and when consumers work and play has shifted, with priorities around wellness, especially mental health and a sense of community heightened, causing consumers to seek out more moments of joy and bliss.


The chew/gummy format as a % of all format launches in Vitamins & Dietary Supplements has grown from 6.1% in 2019 to 10.4% in 2022.*

Green & Clean

Whether local or global, from nature or science, shoppers seek food solutions that promote sustainability and safety and welfare of our planet and our bodies. Consumers desire simple, clean products and ingredients with free-from labels and are shifting behavior and changing consumption to include plant-based and sustainable options.

Why? Consumers grapple with growing concerns from all sides: from food safety, nutrition, to ethical sourcing and look for brands and products that help them determine ways to shop that are ethically sound, focused on personal wellbeing, and instill health in their everyday lives through fun ways.

In Control

Increased uncertainty has led to consumers wanting a sense of control over their lives, seeking solutions that help them feel like they’re in the driver’s seat, also finding comfort in solutions grounded in the familiar. Colors and flavors connect with known profiles and themes to bring to life products that sooth and inspire.

Why? Given the tumultuous economic, political and social uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and global conflicts, consumers are grasping for control, connection and familiarity when it comes to their personal preferences in the marketplace.

40% of German and 29% of UK VMS consumers are interested in more personalized products specific for their needs and 31% of US VMS users think that a specific formula for people like themselves is important in VMS*

Powerful Transformations

Throughout the year, consumers shift and evolve and they seek out products that evoke transformations whether through color, texture and/or flavor, coupled with the anticipation of seasonal favorites that help them mark time. Consumers are looking for engaging experiences that also offer functional, mood-boosting benefits.

Why? As consumers face economic and social constraints that impact their mental and physical health, they turn to products that can positively transform their wellbeing.

*Source: Mintel GNPD

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